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How to Access Airport WiFi Passwords Around the World

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Read on the find out how to access lounge and airport WiFi passwords around the world!

One of the downsides to full-time travel is having to spend long hours in airports, whether it is prior to boarding, due to flight delays or during layovers. There is only so much walking you can do to kill time before you start thinking about finding a comfy spot (well, as comfortable as airport seating allows) and settling down to see if you can secure some internet access to alleviate boredom and kill some time.

However, one of our greatest frustrations is when we are unable to access Wi-Fi at some airports. Unfortunately, not all airports offer the convenience of free WiFi, and some even require you to have a local phone number or use a password to get access.

We have finally found a solution to this dilemma! An app called WiFox…..

So, now when we have time in an airport we can check hotel options, research future travel plans, book tours, and catch up on some work tasks.

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The WiFox App – Airport WiFi Passwords

WiFox offers its users a map of airport and lounge WiFi passwords from around the world which is constantly updated by fellow travellers. And, it is really simple to use!

We love the fact you can simply click ‘Copy’ to easily paste passwords into wireless network settings, alleviating the need to remember then and reduce the chance of imputing the password incorrectly.

One of the best features of the app is that the map is available offline (when you download the appropriate Google Maps) so you don’t need internet access or a connection to use WiFox to find the Wi-Fi passwords in the first place.

Operating Systems: Android, iOS
Cost: US$1.99

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Beware of the Security Risks of Using Airport Wi-Fi

Airport Wi-Fi networks are extremely convenient for surfing the internet, checking emails, social media etc., there are security risks when using them. Airport WiFi networks are far less safe or secure than your network at home and should be used with caution.

Hackers have the ability to steal data without your knowledge which may result in personal information such as your email, passwords, bank account details, etc. being used for purposes such as theft and identity theft.

Staying Safe While Using Airport Wi-Fi

However, there are ways to keep your data safe when using airport Wi-Fi networks:​​

  • Be Sure The Network Is Legit

Make sure the network you are connecting to is correct and the official airport network as a fraudulent network which has a name that’s similar to the legitimate airport network may pop up.

  • Avoid Financial Transactions

Airport WiFi is not safe or secure by default. Most airport WiFi networks are only adequate for simple tasks like general web browsing and using email. 

  • Use Two-Factor Authentication

Make sure Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) is enabled on any services that support it as this security feature helps protect your online accounts besides your password.

  • Use a Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Running VPN software such as NordVPN (this is who we use and recommend) on your laptop is one of the most effective ways to ensure your security when on a WiFi network, whether at the airport or anywhere else. 

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If you are planning to do some travel in the future and want to make sure that you can access WiFi at the airport, we recommend downloading the WiFox app. You will find the airport Wi-Fi passwords from all around the world very useful during your travels! Just make sure that you take the necessary precautions when using airport Wi-Fi securely and privately, as you wouldn’t want your personal information to fall into the wrong hands.


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