Anker PowerPort+ 5 USB-C: Product Review

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The Anker PowerPort+ 5 USB-C is a must for every traveller! Read on to find out why to add this to your packing list…

Now we are travelling full-time, we love the convenience of not having to carry lots of different charging cables which reduces weight in our luggage.  In addition, many hotel rooms have very few power outlets (often only one in many South East Asian countries) so it is great only needing to find one to charge multiple devices at once.

Anker is now well-known as America’s leading USB charging brand and you can expect faster and safer charging with their advanced technology. The Anker PowerPort+ 5 USB-C is compatible with and can be used with your iPhone, Android smartphone, iPad, tablet, tech gadgets and other USB-charged devices.

Anker PowerPort+ 5 USB-C Specifications

Model / Product Code





7.8 x 10.3 x 2.8 cm


AC100-240V – 1.7A 50-60 Hz

Power IQ Output

5V=6A (2.4A Max Per Port)

USB PD Output

5V=3A  / 9V=3A,  15V=2A / 20V+1.5A




White or Black

Features of the Anker PowerPort+ 5 USB-C

  • PowerIQ – In four ports, Anker’s exclusive PowerIQ and VoltageBoost technologies provide the fastest possible charge for any phone or tablet, up to 2.4A per port. That means even if your device doesn’t have USB-C, you can still give it a high-speed charge.
  • USB-C with Power Delivery – Charges the new MacBook at full 29W speed-almost twice as fast as a standard USB-C charge.
  • Five Ports – 1 x USB-C port with Power Delivery and 4 standard USB ports with PowerIQ allow simultaneous multi-device charging at high speed.
  • Multi-Protect Safety System – Surge protection, temperature control and more advanced safety features keep you and your devices safe.
  • Premium Aluminium Plate – Ports are embedded in an aluminium plate, giving PowerPort+ a premium look and feel.

Suppliers of the Anker PowerPort+ 5 USB-C

FAQs Anker PowerPort+ 5 USB-C

Does Anker work with USB-C?

Yes, Anker works with any USB-C or Lightning devices that support Power Delivery.

Why is Anker so expensive?

The Anker PowerPort seemed expensive when we first bought it, but we were happy to pay for the quality of the product.

Is Anker high quality?

Not only is Anker a high-quality product, but it is also reliable!

Where are Anker chargers made?

Anker Innovations Co., Ltd, commonly known as Anker, is a Chinese electronics manufacturer based in Changsha, Hunan, China.

Where are Anker products sold?

Anker products are sold all over the world, and can be purchased online at Amazon.

Summary of the Anker PowerPort+ 5 USB-C

As small and light as a pack of cards, the Anker PowerPort Speed 5 USB-C is one of the most compact multi-port USB chargers on the market. It is very reliable and we have found the 5 ports more than adequate for our personal charging needs.

Do use the Anker PowerPort+ 5 USB-C? What do you think of this product? Leave a comment below.


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