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Why We Love Our Merrell Walking Sandals for Travel: Product Review

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We cannot recommend Merrell walking sandals enough. After extensive use over 2.5 years of fulltime travel, it was time to replace our old Merrell’s. We loved our old Merrell’s so much that we decided to replace them with another pair.

Initially, we found buying practical walking sandals suitable for travel very difficult.  Especially when you take into account factors such as comfort, durability, versatility, and how they look.

The more research we did around the best sandals for travel, the more we saw the brand name Merrell showing in top results. Reviews showed Merrell had a great reputation for durable, superb-quality footwear, and that their innovative design was leading the way.

How to Choose Travel Sandals

Choosing the perfect travel sandal is important to get right. After many hours of research, these are the factors we now take into consideration prior to purchasing our travel sandals:

What materials are the inner soles and straps made of?

After years of travelling through Asia, we understand the importance of having sandals that dry quickly. Afternoon rain showers can come unexpectedly and catch you unawares, and this can cause flash flooding with unknown ‘floating objects’ in the water which you may need to wade through. As such, we always look for inner soles which are made of rubber, rather than leather or microfiber which stays wet and is harder to clean properly.

In addition, if your shoes are waterproof and/or quick drying, you can comfortably hike through water or even wear your sandals while swimming, without worrying about ruining them.

What activities do you need your sandals to be able to handle?

Are you planning on going through long hikes through rugged terrain? Do your shoes need to be waterproof? All of these factors need to be taken into consideration to ensure your sandal is best suited to your needs. We mainly use our travel sandals for walking around cities and towns, and along well-worn hiking trails, so we choose comfortable, mid-weight sandals that are durable with excellent grip. These have served us well for the types of activities we enjoy.

How much arch support do you require?

Both Jonas and I wear orthotics in our running shoes, so we also look for arch support in our sandals. We look for sandals with EVA / Q-FORM midsoles which provide cushioning and shock absorption while walking. As a result, sandals with these types of midsoles tend to be extremely comfortable, even after spending long amounts of time on your feet.

Adjustable straps

Adjustable straps are imperative for optimal comfort and fit. We prefer sandals with hook and loop Velcro straps around our ankle and across our toes. Straps that are adjustable are also great in different climates so you can add some socks in cooler weather, or you can make straps larger in case your feet swell in hot temperatures.

Our Merrell Walking Sandals

Prior to starting our fulltime travels in 2017, we did lots of research on the best travel / walking sandals and decided on:

  • Peta – Merrell Women’s Enoki Twist Strappy Sandals
  • Jonas – Merrell Men’s Blaze Sieve Convert Hiking Sandals

We only travel with two pairs of shoes i.e. travel sandals and a pair of running shoes for cooler weather. As such, the sandals, in particular, get lots of wear as we travel in predominantly warmer weather countries. In addition, we prefer walking around cities and towns when we can over public transport so it would not be unusual for us to average between 5 to 8 kilometres of walking each day.

So, over the course of nearly 2.5 years of wearing them LOTS, it was time to invest in some new sandals, and now we have:

Read on for the specifications and features of each of these Merrell walking sandals, and why we recommend them.

Merrell Women’s Siren 2 Strap Waterproof Sandals – Specifications


Upper – Nubuck Leather (Suede) and Mesh, Lining – Neoprene, Sole – EVA / Rubber


424 Grams (15 Oz)


Aluminium (Peta has this colour), Taupe, Black


Available in Women’s US Sizing

Shoe Width


Merrell Women’s Siren 2 Strap Waterproof Sandals
Merrell Women’s Siren 2 Strap Waterproof Sandals

Merrell Men’s Moab Drift 2 Strap Hiking Sandals – Specifications


Upper – Nubuck Leather (Suede) and Mesh, Lining – Neoprene, Sole – EVA / Rubber


564 Grams (11 Pound 4 Oz)


Olive (Jonas has this colour), Brindle, Brown, Black


Available in Men’s US Sizing

Shoe Width


Merrell Men’s Moab Drift 2 Strap Hiking Sandals
Merrell Men’s Moab Drift 2 Strap Hiking Sandals

Features of Our Merrell Walking Sandals

  • Performance sandals
  • Weatherproof design – great for around water
  • Lightweight and breathable designs
  • The lining is made of Neoprene for extra padded comfort
  • The straps have a hook and loop Velcro closure system around the ankle and across the toes which allow you to adjust the straps for optimal comfort
  • M-Select Grip Technology on the outsoles deliver durable, highly slip-resistant stability on wet and dry ground, over various types of terrain
  • Merrell Air Cushion in the heel absorbs shock, provide optimal heel alignment and adds stability
  • Features EVA foam midsole technology for additional stability and comfort (Merrell Men’s Moab Drift 2 Strap)
  • Features Q FORM® 2 dual-density midsole technology to provide light pronation relief (Merrell Women’s Siren 2 Strap Waterproof Sandals)
M-Select Grip Technology on the Outsoles
M-Select Grip Technology on the Outsoles

Do We Recommend Merrell Walking Sandals for Travel?

Absolutely! Merrell sandals live up to all their claims and delivers much more. They are ideal for any type of traveller and have become a permanent addition on our packing list for the following reasons:

  1. Allow you to walk for hours without the unwanted consequences of sore and sweaty feet
  2. Lightweight
  3. Comfortable
  4. Ultra grippy soles provide excellent traction
  5. Adjustable straps – great even for men or women with narrow feet
  6. Offers arch support
  7. Quick-drying
  8. Rugged

Our top tip is to sign up for the Merrell newsletter subscription to be kept informed on their latest products, but most importantly, their sales!

Do you have a pair of Merrell walking sandals? Or, do you have an alternative brand you like? Please leave a comment in the comments section below.


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