Life Chapter 2: Motorhome Touring in Europe and North Africa

Life Chapter 2: Motorhome Touring in Europe

This post “Motorhome Touring in Europe and North Africa”, has been contributed by Julie and Jason Buckley of motorhome and campervan travel blog. It is one of the first in our new series of motivational and inspirational stories of those who have made a choice to live a very different lifestyle in midlife to…


Motorhome Hire Brisbane: How to Guide

Motorhome Hire Brisbane

We have written this “Motorhome Hire Brisbane: How to Guide” based on our own personal experiences when deciding to hire a motorhome. The one thing we encountered very early on in the process is “one size does not fit all”. One of the most exhilarating ways to experience Australia is with the freedom and flexibility…


1 Month Road Trip Brisbane To Cairns

Queensland Road Trip - Packed and ready to go!

This blog post provides the basics of why we decided to rent a motorhome whilst in lockdown here in Australia and how we planned our 1 month road trip – Brisbane to Cairns. If you’re looking for the road trip of a lifetime, pack your bags and head for the east coast of Australia, because…