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The Best Beaches Bundaberg

This blog post will provide detailed information on the best beaches in Bundaberg, Queensland.

There is a beach to suit everyone’s swimming ability and comfort zone ranging from still, calm waters to areas great for snorkelling and beaches ideal for surfing.

On the beach, you can live in bliss.”

– Dennis Wilson of The Beach Boys


Map of Beaches in Bundaberg

Map of Bundaberg Beaches

Weather in Bundaberg – When Should I Visit?

Bundaberg is in the Wide Bay region of Queensland and has four official seasons.

  • Spring from September to November
  • Summer from December to February
  • Autumn from March to May
  • Winter from June to August

Although popular year-round, the busiest period is from November through to the Christmas holiday season when most hotels and resorts have near capacity occupancy due to the ideal Queensland climate.

Many resorts of Bargara state that they have average occupancy rates of 80% per year, so even in the cooler months, visitors from southern states are attracted to the region to escape the cooler conditions and enjoy the milder climate of the Wide Bay region.

Water Temperature

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Max °C2828.128.126.725.724.722.922.423.625.226.427.8
Monthly Average Max / Min Water Temperatures

Beaches: Bundaberg

Bundaberg is at the southern end of the Great Barrier Reef and there are plenty of great beaches suitable for swimming and surfing within a 20 minute drive.

It is safe to swim and the waters are calmer than the beaches of the Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast. It’s also far enough south that it does not have the marine stingers or crocodiles that are prevalent in the northern waters of Queensland.

The popular swimming beaches are patrolled by the local lifesaving clubs, with designated swimming areas during the summer months.

Moore Park Beach

Moore Park Beach is on the northern side of the Burnett River, 21 kilometres from Bundaberg. Some 16 kilometres of sandy beach is perfect for surfing, swimming, walking or fishing.

One of the most pleasant ways to experience Moore Park Beach is to picnic in the Lions Park which has shady trees. Nearby, behind the sand dunes, sits the Bicentennial Lagoon – a man-made island which attracts stunning birdlife.

Oaks Beach (Burnett Heads)

18kms northeast of Bundaberg, this small beach is good for snorkeling, fishing, rock walking or swimming.

Mon Repos Beach  

Mon Repos Beach is good for snorkelling or swimming.

Each year between November and March, you can see loggerhead turtles nesting and hatching in what is the highest concentration of nesting marine turtles on the eastern seaboard of Australia. During turtle season it is closed from 6pm – 6am to ensure the safety of nesting and hatching turtles.

Mon Repos Beach - Bundaberg, Queensland
Mon Repos Beach – Bundaberg, Queensland

Nielson Beach

Nielson Beach is a good surf beach just north of Bargara. It has patrolled life-savers in season.

Bargara Beach

Family-friendly Bargara Beach is located 15 kilometres east of the Bundaberg town centre.

The beach is easily accessible and is backed by a beachfront road, offering stunning foreshore winding boardwalks, kids’ playgrounds, eateries, and cafes.  

Keep your camera on hand – during the summer months, you will see turtles come to shore to nest. And if you get to the beach early in the mornings, over summer, you’ll see the turtle tracks leading back to the ocean.

This is where you will find the famous Mon Repos Turtle Sanctuary.

Bargara Boardwalk - Bundaberg, Queensland
Bargara Beach Boardwalk – Bundaberg, Queensland

Kelly’s Beach

Head down to Bargara and you’ll hit one of the region’s prettiest beaches of them all at Kelly’s Beach.  This beach is a great spot for swimming with a lagoon at the southern end and a man-made rock pool at the northern end.

The lagoon, which is calmer, is ideal for paddle boarding and families with small children.

On the ocean side, swim in the open waters, or head to the northern end and the Basin which was created by the construction of a wall of basalt rocks to make a calm water beach. Best tackled at high tide, the Basin is popular with locals who like to swim laps, snorkelers, and fish feeders.

For a great photo spot, drive or walk along Woongarra Scenic Drive and snap the blue water and black rock of the Coral Coast.

Innes Park Beach

Innes Park Beach is a good place for swimming and rock-pool fossicking. 

Palmers Creek, with its shady picnic area and safe swimming spots, is a popular place for visitors to Innes Park, which offers both creek swimming and beach options.  Built in 1870 as a summer retreat for Gin Gin graziers the Brown family, Barolin House is a landmark on the headland to the south.

Barolin Rocks, just south of Innes Park, provides some of the best fishing reef on the Queensland coastline with a variety of coral and colourful sea life.

Woongarra Marine Park stretches along this coastline and one of the highlights is the Barolin Rocks Dive Site, which is considered by snorkellers and divers, as a miniature reef wonderland with colourful coral, reef fish, and other underwater wildlife. This spot is considered an excellent site for beginner divers as it’s just metres from the shore and has great weather year round.

Coral Cove Beach

Between Innes Park and Elliott Heads is Coral Cove Beach, a great place for snorkelers.

Coral Cove Beach - Bundaberg, Queensland
Coral Cove Beach – Bundaberg, Queensland

Elliott Heads Beach

Located 20kms south-east of Bundaberg, Elliott Heads is situated at the river mouth and offers both surf and calm water swimming. The main beach is 200 metres long, but it also has a 2km long inlet beach that allows for safe swimming.

Elliott Heads is also a cool place in which to partake in kite surfing, wind surfing and jet-skiing. Fishermen can cast a line from either the shore or on the nearby reefs.

Adjacent to this beach you’ll find a shady, landscaped caravan park and there are also a number of picnic spots with barbecues and toilet facilities. Families regard this beach as an untouched paradise.

For a great picture, walk out to Dr May’s Island at low tide and take a photo looking back towards Elliott Heads.

Coonarr Beach

Coonarr Beach is a 4.2 km long, east facing beach that begins amongst the tidal shoals of the Elliott River mouth, then runs straight down to the smaller mouth of Coonarr Creek.

Woodgate Beach

Woodgate Beach is the southern-most beach offering a stunning curve of white sand stretches some 16km long and framed by a continuous sweep of shady She-Oak trees. Not only is the calm ocean protected from the strong swells of Fraser Island, but the shallow seas are home to dugongs and turtles. This expanse of white silica sand beach is perfect for swimming, fishing and boating.

Woodgate Beach - Bundaberg, Queensland
Woodgate Beach – Bundaberg, Queensland

In Summary: The Best Beaches Bundaberg

As you can see from reading above, Bundaberg has beaches to suit everyone.

  • Family Friendly – Bargara Beach, Innes Park Beach, Kelly’s Beach,
  • Diving – Barolin Rocks – Innes Park Beach
  • Snorkelling – Coral Cove Beach, Kelly’s Beach, Mon Repos Beach, Oaks Beach
  • Turtle Viewing – Mon Repos Beach
  • Fishing – Elliott Heads Beach, Moore Park Beach, Oaks Beach, Woodgate Beach
  • Surfing – Elliott Heads Beach, Moore Park Beach, Nielson Beach

Have you been to Bundaberg? Which beach is your favourite and why?


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