20 Famous Landmarks in Greece Not to Miss


In this guide you will find a compilation of 20 famous landmarks in Greece that should not be missed on your next visit. Greece is a country overflowing with history, culture and natural beauty so it will come as no surprise that some of the most famous landmarks in Greece consist of a variety of…


Discover the Sunshine Coast Hinterland Towns | Planning Your Perfect Weekend Away


Escape the hustle and bustle of the coastal area of the Sunshine Coast to the tranquillity of the Sunshine Coast Hinterland towns intertwined among mountains, lakes, waterfalls and forests. Whether you are looking for a restful retreat, a romantic weekend away or a scenic afternoon drive, the Sunshine Coast Hinterland will tantalise your senses and…


Best Trails for Hiking Sunshine Coast Hinterland

Hiking Sunshine Coast Hinterland - Glasshouse Mountains

There are lots of trails for hiking Sunshine Coast Hinterland that offer nature at its best. Walk past beautiful waterfalls, peer into gorges and rest near rock pools, while enjoying the stunning views and wonderful lookouts along the way. Hiking in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland offers an alternative perspective of the Sunshine Coast (it’s not…


30 Famous Landmarks in United Kingdom

Stonehenge - Famous Landmarks in United Kingdom

London alone has many famous landmarks, but if you travel further afield, there are many iconic landmarks in United Kingdom worth visiting. With such vast historical and cultural differences between England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, each country has something special for you to see. With stunning coastlines, fortifications, palaces and churches with historical significance and…


Life Chapter 2: Motoroaming – Slow Travel is the Name of the Game

Slow Travel is the Name of the Game

This post “Motoroaming – Slow Travel is the Name of the Game”, has been contributed by Karen and Myles of Motoroaming. It is the latest in our new series of motivational and inspirational stories of those who have made a choice to live a very different lifestyle in midlife to later in life. We call…


Living Chapter 2: Adventures and Challenges of a Roving Retirement

Roving Retirement

This post “Adventures and Challenges of a Roving Retirement”, has been contributed by Diana and Mike of Living Chapter 2 (we actually connected due to the similarity of Diana and Mike’s website name and our new feature Life Chapter 2 – great minds think alike!!!). It is the latest in our new series of motivational…