view of yellow canola fields from Bellevue Hill Lookout in Cowra

13 Best NSW Lookouts for Magnificent Views [2024]

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Discover the best NSW lookouts in this 2023 guide. Find breath-taking views, hidden gems, and must-visit spots for the ultimate lookout experience.

New South Wales in Australia, is a vast state comprised of unique terrains and various topographical features. Nestled within these breathtaking landscapes lie an abundance of incredible vantage points showcasing New South Wales’ unforgettable beauty and grandeur.

There are so many spectacular places to enjoy the landscape dotted across the state to choose between. From bridges overlooking cities, to clifftops peering into valleys, here are the best lookouts in NSW to venture out and visit today!

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13 of the Top Lookouts in NSW

Whether you’re a nature enthusiast, an adventure seeker, or simply someone who appreciates stunning scenery, these top lookouts in NSW are sure to leave you awe-inspired. Get inspired for the perfect weekend trip from Sydney!

Greater Sydney Lookouts in NSW

Greater Sydney, which incorporates the city, its stunning harbour and the fabled Blue Mountains to the west, is home to some of the most beautiful lookouts near Sydney, allowing visitors to appreciate the spectacular geography of this diverse and spectacular region of New South Wales. 

1. Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney

Sydney Harbour Bridge Lookout, one of the best NSW lookouts to see the bridge spanning over Sydney harbour
Sydney Harbour Bridge

Sydney is well renowned for having one of the most beautiful natural harbours in the world. Lined with numerous headlands and sheer cliffs, there is no shortage of spectacular viewpoints for visitors to appreciate the natural and urban landscape. While many of them are excellent, one place no visitor to the city or the state should miss out on is the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

This world-famous landmark in Australia is undeniably one of the most exceptional and unforgettable lookouts in New South Wales. This is not only because of its architectural grandeur and global status as one of the most iconic structures on the planet, but also because of the magnificent panoramic views it offers of the vibrant city’s natural and developed landscape.

Your view will include the equally notable Sydney Opera House, the CBD’s towering skyscrapers and, of course, the glistening harbour. The best way to make the most of experience is either through a guided tour to the summit, or more affordably, from the Pylon Lookout.

2. The Lookout Echo Point, Blue Mountains National Park

views of the Three Sisters from Echo Point Lookout NSW, Australia
View Of The Three Sisters

No trip to Sydney is complete without visiting the vast and breath-taking Blue Mountains. Nestled within this spectacular expanse of rugged escarpments and deep valleys lies more clifftop lookouts than you can imagine.

One of the best lookouts in the Blue Mountains is Echo Point Lookout Katoomba, which overlooks the national park’s most iconic landmark, the Three Sisters, a trio of majestic rock formations at the edge of the Jamison Valley with the unmissable Mount Solitary lingering off in the distance.

This stunning viewpoint is even more spectacular at sunrise when long stretches of low-hanging fog hover over the gully floor while the early morning light casts orange hues across the naked cliff tops.

Best of all, from this breathtaking lookout, a short walking track leads intrepid walkers down the Giant Stairway to appreciate the landmark up close from the first Sister! So if you only have time to visit one place in the Blue Mountains, make it this one!

3. Govetts Leap Lookout, Blue Mountains National Park, NSW

Another outstanding lookout not to miss in the Blue Mountains is Govetts Leap in Blackheath. This majestic scenic location (sometimes referred to as Blackheath Lookout) is one of the most majestic viewpoints in a national park full of outstanding viewpoints. 

This gorgeous spot has incredibly picturesque scenery of the rugged and untamed wilderness on the national park’s western side, overlooking the magical Bridal Veil Falls and an endless series of cliffs and lush valleys. 

Central Coast Lookouts in NSW

The Central Coast region of New South Wales is one of the state’s most beautiful areas with its lookouts offering captivating views of its breathtaking coastal beauty. 

4. The Skillion, Terrigal

view of the water and cliff face from The Skillion Lookout in Terrigal
The Skillion Lookout in Terrigal

The Skillion Lookout in Terrigal is one of the most unique and alluring scenic locations on this list of NSW lookouts because of how prominent and openly accessible the headland it resides on is.

The rugged coastal hilltop is the landscape’s most dominant feature, and because the walk to the summit is mostly devoid of trees, it offers not only sweeping views from the top of the stunning coastline and the unending Pacific Ocean, perfect for dolphin and whale watching but also back inland and towards the town during ascension and descensions.

Shoalhaven-Illawarra Lookouts

Visit the lookouts in the Illawarra-Shoalhaven region for breathtaking views of the treetops and stunning landscapes, providing a unique perspective of the natural beauty of the region.

5. Bald Hill Lookout, Stanwell Park

Perched atop the dramatic cliffs of the northern Illawarra-Shoalhaven region lies Bald Hill Lookout, one of the most magnificent coastal lookouts along the entirety of the New South Wales coastline and beaches. This breathtaking elevated vantage point resides high above sea level, providing unforgettable views overlooking where the ruggedly pristine mountain ranges dramatically meet the vast and expansive waters of the Pacific Ocean

As if the lookout’s raw beauty and magnetic grandeur weren’t enough, it’s also one of the ultimate launchpads to undertake various exhilarating activities, such as hang gliding and paragliding

6. Sublime Point Lookout – Austinmer

views of the coastline and Pacific Ocean from Sublime Point, one of the best lookouts in NSW
Views from Sublime Point Lookout

A short drive from the gorgeous coastal city of Wollongong lies the aptly named Sublime Point Leura Lookout. The beautiful little-known gem located high on the cliff has sweeping views of the coastline for as far as the eye can see where the developed urban landscape of the Illawarra-Shoalhaven region of New South Wales meets the vast ocean expanse. 

North Coast Lookouts

When visiting the north coast lookouts, not only will you find breath-taking views of the coastline, but also the opportunity to spot marine wildlife in their natural habitat.

7. Pinnacle Lookout, Border Ranges National Park

Views of the Border Ranges National Park from Pinnacle Lookout
Views of the Border Ranges National Park

Just below the NSW border with Queensland lies Border Ranges National Park, home to one of the state’s most enchanting viewpoints. The Pinnacle Lookout earns a place on this list not only because it has some of the most breathtaking views of Mt Warning, the ancient volcanic plug of a long-since eroded caldera now known as the Tweed Valley and a landmark of the region.

In addition, the peak is also the first place to get sunlight in the country every day, making visiting this lookout one of the most special places in Australia to witness the sunrise.

8. Skywalk Lookout, Dorrigo National Park

view of sunrise at dorrigo Skywalk NSW lookout
Skywalk at Dorrigo

Dorrigo National Park is one of the most gorgeous wilderness areas to discover along the North Coast, and that is, in part, thanks to Skywalk. This short, easily accessible boardwalk provides unparalleled views overlooking the heavily forested mountainous landscape as far as the eye can see.

What makes this such a gem is how pristine it is, providing a rare glimpse at the ancient, untouched countryscape without many signs of urban development.

Central West Lookouts

You should visit the central west lookouts to experience panoramic views of small towns and valleys, dramatic volcanic peaks, and gently rolling hills.

9. Hassan Walls, Lithgow

Amongst the best NSW Lookouts is Hassan Walls in Lithgow. This spectacular Lithgow lookout sits 1,100 metres above sea level atop bald cliffs, providing breathtaking panoramic views of the towns and localities that populate the vast plains of the valley below, including one unique viewpoint from inside a cliffside cave.

10. Whitegum Lookout, Warrumbungles National Park

view of Warrumbungle National Park from Whitegum Lookout in NSW
View of Warrumbungle National Park from Whitegum Lookout in NSW

The Warrumbungles is one of the most spectacular national parks in New South Wales Central West and is home to some of the region’s most dramatic and picturesque landscapes. While its many trails provide excellent views of this captivating place, one of its best is also the easiest to reach.

Whitegum Lookout may only be a 1 kilometre short walk along a fully paved pathway, but what it lacks in difficulty, it more than makes up for in scenery, as it provides an almost entirely unobstructed panoramic of the park’s impressive line-up of striking volcanic peaks. It is especially magical during golden hour when low sunlight highlights the ridges and valleys of the mesmerisingly rugged mountain range.

11. Bellevue Hill Lookout, Cowra

view of yellow canola fields from Bellevue Hill Lookout in Cowra
Bellevue Hill Lookout in Cowra

Many towns across the state have scenic spots that showcase the town’s geography, but few are as uniquely special as Bellevue Hill Lookout in Cowra. Aside from providing a scenic vantage point to enjoy observing the undulating landscape of the gently rolling hills surrounding the historic township, the lookout itself lies in a beautiful location as it is incorporated into the existing boulder-strewn hilltop.

Furthermore, because it resides in a canola growing area, between mid-August and mid-September, the fields transform the already scenic countryside into a brilliant vivid yellow, creating even more of a visual delight and making this time of the year the best time to visit this beautiful town and its many attractions.

New England Lookouts

You should visit the New England lookouts for breathtaking views of the surrounding landscapes and the opportunity to immerse yourself in the beauty of nature.

12. Bald Rock, Bald Rock National Park

Bald Rock, located within Bald Rock National Park, is recognized as one of the most spectacular natural lookouts in New South Wales due to its distinctive geography. This massive granite monolith is one of the largest of its kind in Australia and provides magnificent views of the surrounding countryside from its breathtakingly beautiful barren summit. 

South East Tablelands Lookouts

The south east tablelands lookouts offer stunning panoramic views of the surrounding landscape, providing a unique opportunity to appreciate the natural beauty of the region.

13. Charlottes Pass Lookout, Kosciuszko National Park

View of Kosciuszko National Park from Charlotte Pass Lookout
View of Kosciuszko National Park from Charlotte Pass Lookout

The Snowy Mountains is home to mainland Australia’s only alpine region. It spans across three states and every year it receives seasonal snowfall that transforms the landscape into a magical winter wonderland. But whether you visit in the middle of the year when it’s blanketed thick with snow, or at the start or end of the calendar, when there’s no trace of it left, the endless rows of mountains are a spectacular sight to see. 

While there are many excellent places to enjoy seeing the rooftops of Australia thanks to the absence of trees over a certain elevation, including Mt Kosciuszko, the nation’s tallest peak, Charlotte’s Pass has one of the greatest easy-access lookouts in NSW offering magnificent views of the country’s vast and pristine alpine wilderness.

FAQ’s: Best Lookouts in NSW

Now that you have read about some of the best lookouts in New South Wales, you might still have a few questions. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Here are some frequently asked questions about lookouts in NSW.

Where is the best view in Sydney?

The best view in Sydney is from the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, one of the best Sydney lookouts, where you can see the iconic Opera House and the stunning city skyline.

Where is the best view in Sydney for free?

Mrs. Macquarie’s Chair is one of the best free lookouts in Sydney because it provides a panoramic vista of the Sydney Opera House, Harbour Bridge, and the sparkling waters of the harbor.

Where is the best place to see the city lights in Sydney?

The best place to see Sydney’s city lights is from another best lookouts in Sydney, Observatory Hill Park. It offers a stunning panoramic view of the city skyline.

Where can I see night view in Sydney?

The best lookout in Sydney at night is from the Sydney Tower Eye, where you can enjoy panoramic views of the city skyline.

Where can I see the skyline in Sydney?

The best place to see the skyline in Sydney is from the top of the Sydney Tower Eye. It offers a 360-degree view of the city.

Where can I watch the best sunset in Sydney?

The best place to see the sunset in Sydney is at Mrs. Macquarie’s Chair. It offers a stunning view of the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge.

What is the best known place in New South Wales?

The best known place in New South Wales is Sydney. It is famous for its iconic landmarks such as the Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge.

What is the highest lookout in the Blue Mountains?

The highest Blue Mountains lookouts is Govetts Leap, offering breath-taking views of the Grose Valley from an elevation of 1,180 meters.

What is the highest lookout in Australia?

The highest lookout in Australia is Mount Kosciuszko, standing at 2,228 meters (7,310 feet) above sea level. It offers stunning panoramic views of the surrounding Snowy Mountains.

What are some good lookout spots in Melbourne with a view of the city?

The best lookout spot in Melbourne with a view of the city is the Eureka Skydeck 88. It offers amazing 360-degree views from the highest viewing platform in the Southern Hemisphere.

Are all the lookouts mentioned in this blog post easily accessible?

Yes, most of the lookouts mentioned in this blog post are easily accessible. However, some may require a short hike or walk to reach them. It is always recommended to check the specific details and accessibility information before visiting.

Can I bring my pet to these lookout points?

It depends on the individual lookout point and its regulations. While some lookouts may allow pets on a leash, others may have restrictions due to conservation efforts or safety concerns. It’s best to check beforehand if pets are allowed at your chosen lookout.

Are there any entrance fees for visiting these lookouts?

The majority of lookouts mentioned in this blog post do not have entrance fees. They are open to the public free of charge. However, there might be parking fees or additional charges for certain facilities nearby, so it’s advisable to check beforehand.

Are these lookouts suitable for families with young children?

Many of the mentioned lookouts are family-friendly and suitable for visitors of all ages, including young children. However, it’s important to keep an eye on children at lookout points with steep cliffs or uneven terrain. Always prioritize safety and supervise children closely during your visit.

In Summary – Best NSW Lookouts

New South Wales is home to a diverse array of fantastic lookouts showcasing the state’s natural beauty and geographic diversity. From the rugged Blue Mountains to the coastal stretches along the Pacific, and everywhere in between, each location offers a unique perspective on the landscape, however, some NSW lookouts are better than others, so if you’re thinking of exploring this beautiful state, these are the best ones to discover.

Are you planning a holiday to New South Wales in Australia? Have you visited any of the lookouts in NSW listed above, or have we missed any lookouts in NSW we should add to this list? Post your tips and questions below.

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